Why visit Kenya?

  • Contrasting landscapes
  • Classic African safaris
  • 65 Protected Areas of wildlife
  • 400 mammal species
  • Maasai Mara Great Migration
  • Beach holidays
  • Maasai and tribal culture

Famous as the home of the African Safari, Kenya’s enthralling landscapes of rolling Savannah, big game wildlife and starry skies have resonated with travelers for decades.
By any standard, Kenya’s world-famous wildlife is exceptional and is protected in 51 National Parks and Reserves on land, ten marine parks and reserves and four sanctuaries, offering visitors an infinite choice of authentic wildlife experiences. More than a million and a half Wildebeest traverse the Maasai Mara during their epic annual migration.

Kenya’s highest point is Mount Kenya’s snowcapped peak at over 5000 metres. It is the intersection of the Great Rift Valley an the Equator that make Kenya a geographer and naturalist’s dream: a land of Equatorial rainforest, extinct volcanoes, arid deserts, glaciers and more.

On the Indian Ocean coast, the tropical white sandy beaches of Mombasa and the Swahili coast’s blend of African and Arab cultures add an extra dimension to this must-visit country.

Kenya’s rich heritage can be traced back 4.5 million years. Her traditional cultures include the striking Maasai, just one of the country’s 42 tribes.